Privacy Policy

last update: April 1, 2024

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the Policy) regulates the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of personal information of users of the instant messaging platform "Botneversleeps" (hereinafter - Services). Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy and contact us if you have any questions.

1. Terms and definitions

1.1 For the purposes of this Policy, the following terms and definitions are used:

You (the User) are any individual who uses the functional capabilities of the Services and has reached the age of legality based on the legislation of the country and the age of citizenship to conclude agreements in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Мы ("Botneversleeps") is a company with limited liability

Services — website with the domain name "".

Chat-bot is a specialized program designed to automate actions and processes using the Messenger user interface.

2. Scope of application

2.1. The effect of this Policy applies to any interactions between Botneversleeps and users regarding personal data when using the Services.

2.2. This Policy does not regulate or establish the rights and obligations of third parties. Also, its effect does not extend to applications and software of third parties, which users can integrate with the functional possibilities of the Services.

2.3. Do not use the Services if you do not agree with the provisions and scope of this Policy.

3. Who determines the purposes and methods of collecting personal data

3.1. The purposes and methods of collecting your personal data are determined by the following legal entity:

e-mail for general questions:
e-mail for questions about personal data:

4. Personal data we collect

4.1. Personal data - any information that can directly or indirectly identify a person (for example, surname, name, father's name, mobile phone number, email address, online identifier, etc.).

4.2. Personal data may be collected in accordance with this
Politics both directly and indirectly.

Direct collection of personal data is carried out when you voluntarily provide your personal data (for example, when registering in Messenger).
Mediated collection of personal data may be carried out automatically when you use the Services, including by third parties.

4.3. We collect the necessary minimum of your personal data for the purposes of this Policy:

1) account data. During registration, we collect your name and surname, email address, phone number. You also have the opportunity to provide your photo and specify a display name in order to increase the efficiency of using some of the Messenger's functionality (for example, specifying links to the User).

2) information about actions. When using the Messenger, we will collect (and other users will see) information about your network status (status "online", "offline", etc.), as well as some data about incoming and outgoing messages (message sending time, conversation participants ).

3) User information. When using the Messenger, all your text messages, audio and video materials will be collected and stored on our server. Accordingly, you or your interlocutor will be able to familiarize themselves with them at any time if necessary. If this information is removed from chats and channels, it will also be removed from our server.

4) additional information. We and our contractors can collect additional information about the IP address, the model of the device through which the Services are used, the operating system of the device through which the Services are used, your browser, the language of the browser and (or) the operating system. We can also collect information about your location. You can limit the collection of information about your location by changing the appropriate settings of your device through which the Services are used.

5. Processing, storage and protection of data

5.1. "Processing" means at least any of the following actions: storage, modification, search, disclosure, structure, use, destruction, as well as any other action related to your personal data.

5.2. We process your data exclusively for the following purposes:

1) ensuring the availability of the Messenger. We collect and process account data, as well as information about the actions of the User and additional information in order to provide users with the opportunity to properly and seamlessly use the Messenger's functionality. After collecting the specified data, we register your account, make it visible to other users and provide you with the opportunity to use the Messenger's functionality in accordance with the Terms of Use (exchange of text messages with other users, downloading of audio and video materials, etc.).

2) feedback. We collect and process contact data that you provide when contacting technical support to provide feedback. You will be able to make requests to our technical support for clarifying questions regarding the technical features of using the Messenger, as well as the conditions for using the functional features of the Messenger.

3) предотвращение правонарушений. We can process your personal data in order to prevent crimes, administrative offenses, violations of our Terms of Use, rights and legal interests of Cloud Atlas and (or) third parties, as well as to ensure compliance with applicable law and its mandatory norms.

5.3. In case of depersonalization of your personal data, Botneversleeps can use them for any other purposes.

5.4. Your personal data will be stored on the servers of our contractors. We guarantee that all our counterparties comply with our requirements for the protection of personal data and that they are prohibited from using your personal data in any way other than the purposes specified in this Policy. The employees of Cloud Atlas also comply with all the organizational, legal and technical measures necessary and available to us for the protection of your personal data. Messenger users are also responsible within their capabilities for the accuracy of provided account data, the security of passwords and other information necessary for authorization, and their protection against access by third parties.

5.5. Your collected personal data will be stored until it is necessary for your ability to use the Services, and then until it is necessary for account management and information security. Впоследствие мы храним Ваши проссональные данные для печаться профессионал наших игрушки области, размещения доров и проблемания наших оглашении.

5.6. Any personal data collected and processed within the framework of this Policy shall be properly protected until:
1) when you give us consent to their disclosure;
2) depersonalization of such personal data;
3) until the disclosure of information in accordance with applicable law.

5.7. In accordance with this Policy, we also guarantee that your personal data is used only for the purposes and terms specified in the Policy, and our employees and contractors are familiar with the safety and privacy recommendations and comply with them.

5.8. We do everything we can from our side to ensure the protection of your personal data. We limit the number of people who have access to your personal data, we conduct constant scanning to identify threats, we use antivirus protection and traffic filtering technology to our servers with personal data. Nevertheless, despite all possible measures taken on our part, we cannot guarantee the full protection of the Services from information security risks.

6. Transfer and disclosure

6.1. Users can independently transfer their personal data to other users when using the functional features of the Services (when exchanging messages, when downloading audio and video files, etc.). We strongly ask you to be careful when transferring your personal data in this way.

6.2. In addition, personal data may be provided to our contractors and suppliers. We guarantee that all our contractors and suppliers comply with our requirements for the protection of personal data and that they are prohibited from using your personal data in any way other than the purposes specified in this Policy.

6.3. Your personal data can also be transferred to a legal entity that appeared as a result of the reorganization of Cloud Atlas, if necessary, to ensure the provision of our services.

6.4. We draw your attention to the fact that the disclosure of your personal data may be mandatory in accordance with the law, the requirements of court proceedings, court proceedings, or upon the request of the state authorities of the country of your stay or other countries. Раскрытие Ваших проссональных данных также будет в часть если ето будет недвижимость for the purposes of national security, law enforcement, protection of rights and legitimate interests of Cloud Atlas and third parties or for other publicly important purposes.

7. Personal data of children

7.1. To the extent that it is not prohibited by applicable law, we do not grant the right to use the functional capabilities of our Services to persons who have not reached the age of legal capacity based on the laws of the country and their citizenship, to conclude agreements in the form of our Terms of Use, and we do not collect and process (by at least knowingly) their personal data without the consent of their legal representative.

8. Chatbots

8.1. As part of our Messenger, the technology of chatbots can be implemented, through which users can receive the necessary and personalized information. Chatbots can also collect some of your personal data. Подобный сбор данных очень в программы систояние:

1) when you exchange messages with a chat-bot, download audio and video materials in dialogue with a chat-bot;
2) when you are a member of a channel that uses a chatbot;
3) when you follow the links specified by the chatbot.

8.2. Despite the technical nature, chatbots can be considered as participants in the process of communicating with Messenger users. Therefore, chatbots can collect and process practically the same volume of your personal data as regular Messenger users.

8.3. Chat-bots can collect and process account data, information about actions and user information, if users themselves transmit such data in a dialogue with a chat-bot or in a channel in which a chat-bot is a participant.

8.4. Chat-bots can collect and process additional information (in particular, IP address) if users follow links indicated by chat-bots.

9. Final provisions

9.1. This Policy can be supplemented and/or changed at any time during the functioning of the Services. In the specified case, an informational article will be placed in the Services in the form of a notification on the appropriate topic with the placement of the new edition of the Policy and the date of its adoption. Ознакомление с новыми участими Политики исполнительностью Пользователя Сервисов.

9.2. The Policy represents an agreement between us and the User regarding the use of the Services, any other previously existing written or oral agreements or agreements regarding such use are hereby canceled.

9.3. If any condition of the Policy is invalid or unenforceable, the other conditions remain valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law.

9.4. The inability to compel you to strictly observe the Policy cannot be interpreted as our refusal of any position or right of the Policy.

9.5. The law applicable to this Policy is the law of the Republic of Belarus. The exclusive competence of the consideration of all disputes, disputes, arising from or in connection with the Policy, is possessed by the appropriate court at the location of Cloud Atlas. The policy is written in English and Russian languages. In case of any discrepancies, the Russian version prevails.