Messenger marketing for the growth of your business
  • nurture your leads
  • execute routine tasks
  • boost efficiency of your lead generation

Saving your budget & time

Free up resources for strategic development, innovation, and improved customer service. Scale your business without significantly increasing your staff.

Increased profitability
Investments in automation pay off many times over, providing businesses with increased competitiveness, achievement of ambitious goals, and long-term advantage in the market.

Sales funnel automation

The automated funnel does not sleep and doesn't get tired. It attracts and processes leads 24/7, even when you're on vacation.

Business Pain №1 - LEAD GENERATION
Too few target clients
attracted through both -
organic and paid traffic
Business Pain №2 - LEAD NURTURING
Too few leads reach
next stage of the sales funnel
Business Pain №3 - PRICE PER CUSTOMER
Each lead costs
too much
Since the beginning of 2021, we have not only been solving the main pain points of businesses but also

  • got the average cheque increased,
  • got their customer loyalty increased,
  • got their selling cycles shortened,
  • got the customer activity increased.
Curious about HOW we
were able to get it accomplished?
“...exploiting the messenger marketing wisely and strategically correctly.

It is incomparably cheaper and faster than creating pages, websites, and stores for instance. And the outcome is much more impactful and... it is long-term!”
— Nikolay Barabanov, founder and engineer of chatbots at BotNeverSleeps


It is a tool for working with audiences in messengers in order to increase sales through AUTOMATION.

Through this approach, our clients attract, nurture, and retain leads predictably and sell more to their customers.

Strategically built

messenger marketing
  • reduces the cost of attracting new customers,
  • automates routine processes
  • guides customers through the sales funnel.

All this happens automatically without wasting the time
of human resources.

The client does not have to search for information on the website - he communicates with a virtual help desk - a chatbot, which provides all the necessary information without delay and is being precise every single time.


The company's task is to start a dialogue with the client, maintain his interest, and provide the necessary information on time.

Chatbots help with this, providing automatic communications with 100% precision. Some respond to keywords, others ask questions and offer options to continue the dialogue, others are crafted to execute upon difficult calculations and the list goes on. It all depends on the task at hand.

Chatbots for your business goals corresponding

to the preference of your target audience

Each chatbot is created with functionality for a specific business task.

On average, before making a purchase decision, each lead goes through 15 to 20 touchpoints with your products or services.

Chatbots simplify and speed this process up significantly.
The main advantages of our chatbots

automated and personalized dialogue, reminders, instant answers to questions, and more...


controls the speed of the dialogue, takes into account various time parameters


performs assigned tasks around the clock, works according to a well-thought-out scenario aimed at achieving the set goal

will not forget to remind your client about the upcoming event, indicate the shortest route, and simplify any registration

will deliver messages to the messenger regardless of the device on which it is installed


works in all popular instant messengers, integrates with CRM and various web services seamlessly

This is how we build the chatbots
PRoject objective
  • filling out a brief indicating goals, work details, and expectations
  • data analysis
  • analysis of the provided data
  • strategic session with the customer
  • work plan presentation
strategy & scenario design
  • designing a chatbot script
  • indicating and agreeing on analytical data collection points
  • coordination of the service for collecting and transmitting analytics
  • preparation and coordination of dialogue content
  • preparation and coordination of visual content
implementation of the chatbot
  • creating a block diagram of the bot’s operation based on a technical design
  • filling chatbot nodes with content
  • integration with internal services of the Salebot platform
  • integration with external services
  • testing the chatbot
  • connecting a chatbot to the messenger
optimizing efficiency
  • training an administrator to manage the chatbot
  • analysis of statistical data obtained over a weekly period
  • searching for scenarios for improving customer interaction
  • technical improvement of the chatbot
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This is how we make the best out of each chatbot we create

We create efficient sales funnels and communication chains - we turn subscribers into buyers. We tell clients about new products and promotions, engage them in dialogue, and hold their attention, increasing the conversion rate dramatically.

We monitor user reactions and upgrade scenarios for the leads not to leave with an unresolved problem.

Statistics show the number of subscriptions and unsubscribed ones, messages sent to the user, and clicks on links. We analyze data for individual channels and bots for subsequent optimization.
More than 40 integrations with analytics services, CMS and CRM systems, designer platforms, and other external systems are available. The work is carried out on one platform, so all the important data is being held in one convenient place.
In almost every project we use a program through which we simulate a marketing campaign - that is, we check how successful it can potentially be.

In this way, we reduce investment risks and reduce the possibility of making incorrect or even business-damaging decisions.
Our accomplishments
working for the last 3 years
  • 54
    chatbots launched
  • 9
    the number of weeks when the chatbot pays off on average
  • +70%
    an average profit from 1 chatbot post breakeven point
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Our team
We are the only team in the Baltic countries that specializes exclusively in creating effective chatbots.
  • Nikolay Barabanov
    Founder & project engineer
  • Ignats Knuslis
    Business analyst & onboarding lead
  • Alena
    Marketing manager
TOP reasons why our
customers choose us
We are a team with a mission to increase the profits of our clients by a total of more than 500,000 Euros over the next 2 years.
  • We understand how it works
    Chatbots and working with instant messengers are a young trend in marketing. We entered the market at the moment of its formation. So we are ahead of many.
  • Know-how
    Our accumulated experience in solving complex problems allows us to say that we know our business and can deliver sustainable results.
  • Our signature methodology
    We always find the most optimal solution to each client’s business situation. Our methodology has been crafted from our trial-and-error experience so that now you can benefit from the wisdom we have gained altogether.
  • Team spirit
    Our team consists of passionate people who fully devote themselves to the common cause, meeting the high standards of our services set from the very beginning.
  • We save our customers' money
    We often use the program to simulate paid traffic, which allows us to better understand the priorities of investments in advertising channels.
  • Guarantee
    We accompany you throughout the production and launch phases of the project. As a result, we put an efficient chatbot at your disposal and are ready to provide support on a monthly basis.
Testimonials of our clients
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What tasks can a chatbot solve for my business?
A chatbot can automate various processes such as processing customer requests, providing information about products and services, collecting data, placing orders, and much more. It will help increase your business efficiency and improve your customer experience.
On which platforms can you host a chatbot?
We develop chatbots for various platforms, including instant messengers (Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp), websites, mobile applications, and even voice assistants. The choice of platform depends on your needs and the preferences of your target audience.
How long does it take to develop a chatbot?

The development time for a chatbot depends on the complexity of the project and the required functions. On average, creating a simple chatbot takes 1 to 3 weeks, while more complex projects can take up to 2 months. We always try to find the optimal balance between quality and speed of development.

How is data security ensured when using a chatbot?

We pay great attention to data security. All data collected by the chatbot is securely encrypted and stored on secure servers. We strictly follow the requirements of the GDPR and other data protection standards. In addition, we can configure the chatbot to request the user's consent to process personal data.

Can the chatbot be integrated with my existing systems?

Yes, we can integrate the chatbot with various systems such as CRM, ERP, databases, and others. This will automate the exchange of data between the chatbot and your internal systems, which will increase operational efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

How can I manage and update chatbot content?

We provide a convenient control panel through which you can independently edit and update the chatbot content. You'll be able to add new replies, change conversation scripts, and manage settings without the need to involve developers.

What is the cost of developing and maintaining a chatbot?

The cost of developing a chatbot depends on the complexity of the project, the required functions, and the chosen platform. We offer flexible pricing plans that are suitable for businesses of any size. Once the chatbot is launched, we also provide technical support services.